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Hundelov – Engelsk (The Danish Law on Dogs)

The Danish Law on Dogs

According to Danish law, your dog must be kept on leash if the owner is not in total control of it. During the summer season (April-October) dogs must always be kept on leash on the public beach.

Furthermore, in accordance with Danish law, dogs at the size of pointers and setters or above must be kept on leash, safely tied or locked up indoors from 6 pm to 6 am.

Finally, according to the law, the owner of the dog is responsible for the dog and must make sure that it does not stray.

The decision of the homeowner’s association

 To protect the unique wildlife of this area, the homeowner’s association has decided to tighten these regulations even further. The rules of the association, which were adopted unanimously by the annual general meeting in 2008, state quite clearly that straying dogs cannot be tolerated.

Therefore, it is not acceptable to unleash your dog – no matter if you are walking on the roads, on the paths, in the dunes or on the beach.

Whether your dog is small, slow and furry or big, lazy and toothless – to unleash your dog is unacceptable, anti-social and against the rules of the homeowner’s association.

And unleashing your dog on the beach is downright illegal.

Dog owners should show consideration

Dogs on leashes, which can be extended by up to 5 metres, can also seriously disturb the wildlife of the area. Therefore, always make sure to keep your dog close to you on the road or on the path.

Even a dog on leash may frighten children and adults  as well. Therefore, when meeting somebody, always make sure to keep your dog on a tight leash.

When your dog has delivered its faeces, you, as the dog owner, should remember that roads, paths and beaches are public areas, which will be stepped on by many other people. Therefore, always bring a small plastic bag in order to be able to remove the dog’s faeces.

Thank you because you, as a dog owner, obey the law and the rules of the homeowner’s association. Thank you because you respect the decisions of the majority.

 Rolf Nordsborg